Monday, January 08, 2018

Raven - finished!

Well, that was fast once I stopped dragging my feet!

Here's Raven by Nora Corbett, stitched on a beautiful piece of Belfast from Fiberlicious in the color California Dawn. I feel like I got lucky with the placement of colors on the fabric because I was able to put the purple areas at the top to accent the sky. :D

I made some changes to the thread colors because the original threads mixed blue-toned and red-toned purples and that's a huge nope. Mine are all blue-toned. I also replaced a couple of the beads to use random stuff from my stash.

Oh, and I also made her head bigger because it was hilariously tiny. I think it's still too small, but at least she doesn't look like an alien anymore.

DMC changes:
154 to 29
156 to 340
550 to 32
743/3078 blend to 744 (I hate one-off blends in a pattern that doesn't have any others - just pick a color that's between the two! Why does every Mira pattern have one pointless blend?)
413 to 832 (Grey backstitch for skin? NO THANK YOU)

bead changes:
02056 to 02014
10019 to 02028

Next up is Poppy, who has a much bigger skirt than you'd expect. Haha. :p

Sunday, December 31, 2017

2018 Stitching Plans!

aka look at Rahenna lie about being disciplined yet again. :p

I recently decided to be more relaxed about goals and progress, so this year I'm not going to list all my WIPs and make goals for every single one. Instead, I'll include the ones I'm most excited to make progress on, plus some new starts, of course.


WIPs to work on in 2018:

I plan to make Nora Corbett Raven and Poppy my first two finishes of the year.

It's kind of hard to see, but I did replace a number of colors in Raven to make everything match better. I pulled out the two darkest purples and replaced them with two of the brand new DMC purples, and I changed the lightest purple to one that's darker and has more of a blue tone. Now the entire thing is in blue-leaning tones of purple and it looks a million times better.

Poppy is going to take a lot more work - her skirt is huge! But she's looking good so far.

As for other WIPs:
- complete Dream of the Sea kit by Hands on Design
- complete Beaded Dragonfly Tile by Chatelaine (I think my ongoing issue with this is that the fabric is slightly too small, which makes it a struggle to work on. I'll sew on some scrap fabric and see if that makes a difference.)
- get at least halfway on Mushroom & Fern Mandala by Chatelaine (I started this a couple of weeks ago but I don't have all the materials, so I didn't get very far!)
- some progress on Chinese Garden Mandala by Chatelaine (I love this design but I've been so distracted by other things! Also need to put this on a bigger q-snap to make it easier to work.)

So yeah, it's kind of shaping up to be a Chatelaine year. I fell in love with Mushroom & Fern the moment I saw it, and that sparked my renewed interest in my other WIPs.


New starts for 2018:

I haven't really decided what I want to start next year! There's a lot of patterns that are fully kitted or at least have fabric selected for them, but I'm not sure what I'll be in the mood for after working on a bunch of Mira and Chatelaine patterns. There's always the bucket list, of course, but I think I need to go over that again and make some changes.

Considering Prosperity Fae by Passione Ricamo, but on a dark green fabric so she looks very festive and holiday-ish.

Also considering either Dreaming of Daisies or Dreaming of Tulips by Rosewood Manor, to stitch on 45ct Vintage Lentil linen. Because I'm crazy.

I don't know, it's too hard to decide! There's about 25 charts all matched up with fabric already, and every time I look through them I want to make them ALL.

Friday, December 15, 2017

the parade of shame!

I've been stitching, I swear, but I don't have much to show yet. Poppy is a giant red blob, and I'm also working on a tiny Chatelaine freebie that I'll show once it's finished.

So instead, I thought it would be fun to show some pictures of all my completed projects that need finishing or framing! I took these to show to a friend of mine, but of course they fit in perfectly here on my stitching blog too. :3

They're a bit overexposed but hopefully you get the idea!

...I need to get busy, haha.

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

thanks Mii & Justine & OhSewCrafty!

I posted this as an edit to my original post but I wanted to make a new post to make sure everyone could see it in their feed, haha. I want attention. :p


Hi guys! Thanks for your kind comments! I want to respond individually but for some reason I can't stay logged in on the main page of my blog, only in the admin section. I wish there was a way to respond to comments from the admin panel but it doesn't look possible. :(

Thanks for the support on Raven... I know I must seem nutty but I swear she looks different in real life. Maybe I'll change my mind after taking a break from her, though! Either way, a short time out will give me a chance to cool off and make a better decision. :)


That said, is anyone else having login issues? If I click the login link in the upper right on my main blog page, it takes me to the admin panel, but if I go back to the blog, I'm logged out immediately! Maybe I need to send in a support ticket or something. :x

Monday, December 04, 2017

banished WIP and new start!

Well, now that I've started exercising my WIP-banishing powers, I feel perfectly justified in sending anything that annoys me to the "you sit here and you think about what you've done" bin.

I started Raven pixie by Nora Corbett soon after finishing Mermaid Azure and made a good amount of progress, but I've put her away for now. It's hard to tell from the picture, but the colors in the pattern are just... off. The darker shades of purple are very red purples, but the highlight colors are very blue-leaning purples, and they look so wrong together. Plus the highlight colors are too bright, and two of the three are almost impossible to tell apart! I know it doesn't seem bad in the photo, but it's ten times worse in real life.

I kept stitching despite not liking it, thinking that it might all come together after I got more done, but... nah. This looks awful. So now she's off to the bin of shame until I can figure out what I want to do. In other words, until my wife gets back to help me frog all the light colors. Haha.

So, while Raven's in time out, I'll start another NC project. I asked a friend to help me decide, and he chose Poppy as the winner. :)

The fabric is Picture This Plus Sterling, which will make her reds really pop! I'm excited to work on her because the color combo is so nice and she's been waiting in my stash for ages. :)


Hi guys! Thanks for your kind comments! I want to respond individually but for some reason I can't stay logged in on the main page of my blog, only in the admin section. I wish there was a way to respond to comments from the admin panel but it doesn't look possible. :(

Thanks for the support on Raven... I know I must seem nutty but I swear she looks different in real life. Maybe I'll change my mind after taking a break from her, though! Either way, a short time out will give me a chance to cool off and make a better decision. :)

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

sisters together at last!

Oops, I haven't posted in a long time! I haven't been stitching too much because I got a new laptop, which means I can actually play games again. But I did finish Mermaid Verde last week, so I took a group pic with her sister, Mermaid Azure. :)

The colors on these pictures are horrible, by the way. I can't get them adjusted properly, and I've already retaken these photos twice, so... we'll just have to pretend they look right. The fabric on the right should be a really intense, bright blue. Oh well.

And here's Verde by herself...

I've already started another small Nora/Mirabilia project, so I'll show that one next time. :)

Friday, November 03, 2017

clean slate & new starts!

I've been feeling bogged down by old, complicated, or just plain boring WIPs recently. I'm the type of person who stresses out about "finishing what you start" and "making progress" and all that sort of self-imposed nonsense, so I've felt compelled to keep working on things that weren't very enjoyable. As a result, things had gotten to the point where I didn't feel like stitching at all.

So I decided to pack up all my old WIPs and store them out of sight until I feel a genuine urge to work on them again. The moment I made that decision, I pulled out all those projects, popped them off the qsnaps, packed them neatly into bags, and hid them away.

Instant relief. It's just a mental trick, sure, but sometimes a mental trick is exactly what you need!

Oddly enough, I think this will help with impulse buying as well. I've gotten a lot better this year, but I'll still buy the odd pretty thing because buying things is fun and exciting. But you know what else is fun and exciting? Starting a new project that I already have in my stash. I think I've been trying to find the joy of something new in buying instead of using. Buying works for a short time, then makes me feel bad about myself because I gave into temptation again. Using makes me feel good about reducing my stash, appreciating what I already have, and rediscovering forgotten gems.

So... what forgotten gems did I dig up? Check it out. :)


First up, Mini Beautiful Light by HAED. This is actually a new purchase that I picked up in the recent anniversary sale. I wanted to try a project with a limited number of colors (only 15 in this one) and see how I liked the new 32ct pregridded fabric they sell.

Small start, as you'd expect from a HAED, but it works up fast - this is only two days of stitching! I'm working the colors from light to dark, so the whole thing honestly looks kind of bad until the black goes in and ties it all together. I was really doubting some of the colors used in the thin white lines, but it looks pretty good once it's filled in.

Not sure I'd use the 32ct on a project with 90 colors, though. The fabric is very sturdy without a lot of give (I'm used to stitching on linen which has a ton of give), and there's a fair amount of confetti and carried threads in this piece even though it's only 15 colors. In short, the back is THICK with carried threads and it can be hard to get the needle up through the fabric in places with a lot of color changes. I still have a FE sized piece of this fabric but I dunno what I'll use it for now...


And next, a good start on Mermaid Verde by Nora Corbett, since one of the Mira FB groups is having a "Mervember" SAL. I'm not officially participating but thought this would be a good chance to start a project that's been waiting a long time!

I love how fast Mira patterns stitch up. All this was done last night and this morning, and I plan to stitch quite a bit more this afternoon and evening! Maybe I'll get her entire tail done this weekend if I don't have other stuff to do. :)